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SC Furniture Ltd

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Kidderminster, Worcestershire
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About SC Furniture Ltd

March 2021
THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!! I was sold a wardrobe, on ebay, under the false pretenses that it was in stock. I had to wait a further 2 week for it as it wasnt in stock, then another 2 week due to further delays. They wouldn’t refund as I asked (many times!!). The wardrobe turned up after many false promises, and I refused the delivery and was promised a refund by the manager. I took advice from the financial ombudsman and citizens advice on how to deal with such a delinquent company. I was laughed at when I told them I was seeking advice from these professional sources, and even had the phone put down on me. The manager asked us to cancel our refund request via paypal, and he would refund us (the 2nd time they’d asked this of us) and once we told them that wasn’t going to happen, their attitude changed and replied unprofessionally, explaining if that's the way we wanted to do it, it will take a while for Paypal to issue a refund. We escalated the issue with paypal after this and within 3 days Paypal had closed the case in our favour, and the money was refunded within 5 days. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF USING SCAMMERS TECHNIQUES WITH HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE INCLUDING SO CALLED ‘’MANAGEMENT’’.

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If buying from SC Furniture ensure your receipt clearly states leather. My 3 piece Sienna " leather" suite has several panels of leatherette finish on a canvas type backing . This only become apparent after several years of use.

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