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All skilled professionals need the right tools for the job.
The same rules apply when it comes to building your business.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox is a powerful, yet simple to use control panel that makes it easy for even the most Internet averse home improvement installers to build their businesses online. It’s supplied with tried and trusted sales tools, already used by hundreds of installers across the UK to showcase their credentials and increase their sales.

Reputation Management

Invite customers to post feedback at the touch of a button.

Flood Google with positive customer reviews.

Share positive feedback across social media instantly.

Add comments and photos to any review.

Enjoy 100% protection against hoax, malicious and unfair feedback.

Lead Generation

Advertise your business to thousands of customers for FREE.

Capture exclusive sales enquiries online.

Generate up to 10 times more leads from your own website.

Drive your competitors’ customers to you.

Manage all your enquiries at the touch of a button.

Search Engine Optimisation

Add fresh content to your website at any time.

Upload photos in seconds.

Secure a 5 star Google rating.

Optimise your website for free.

Propel your business to the top of Google.

The All Checked Toolbox has all the tools you need to grow your sales.

Use it to prove your credentials and we’ll recommend you to our customers for free!

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Q. Why is my business listed on the All Checked website?

A. This site is designed for consumers to read and leave reviews about any UK company. We therefore list every company brought to our attention.

Q. Can I remove my profile page?

A. Sorry, but no. We believe that market transparency is in the public interest and consumers have the right to read and leave feedback about any company.

Q. Why are you encouraging visitors to my profile page to compare the market before they buy?

A. Because it’s good advice and we want to help customers find the best deal.

Q. How will people find my profile page?

A. More and more people are searching online for independent reviews before making a buying decision. When you take control of your profile page customers will soon find it when they search Google for reviews about you.

Q. How do I get recommended by you?

A. Get in touch and if you’re good enough we’ll start recommending you for free! We’ll also advertise your phone number and a powerful link to your website, so that thousands of potential customers can make direct contact with you for free too!