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Use the All Checked Dashboard
to Check any Quote before you buy

Access behind the scenes reports concerning the contractor.

Find out if any trade discounts can be applied to your quote.

Get your project monitored independently for peace of mind.

Record all communications to avoid any misunderstandings.

Secure your payments so that you’ll never be out of pocket.

... It's all FREE.


Why it’s a good idea to check your quote

Everyone has seen, or heard about the pitfalls associated with buying home improvements. Over-pricing, broken promises and poor workmanship are, unfortunately, commonplace in this industry, so it’s vital to check before you buy. Particularly as more and more businesses are now disguising their true performance by posting fake positive reviews and using legal loopholes to block negative feedback.

Why you can trust us

Ours is one of the biggest home improvement review and price comparison websites in the UK, which means we get to see what really goes on behind the scenes. We're ideally placed to independently check your quote and monitor the work to make sure you get a great job at a fair price.