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Acorn Windows

1.0/5 Stars - 2 reviews

Ambrosden, Bicester, Oxfordshire
0 Positive Reviews
2 Negative Reviews
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February 2016
The proprietor of Acorn Ambrosden has some where I feel misplaced the essence of what and who a customer is. Abrupt communications would evolve around what was convenient for the business with little or no empathy/consideration for the customer. When asked for a time slot a previously assured reply never materialised. On the day the workman arrived we were told that the glass was not ready. They repaired our broken locks to standard. Given that there were 23 days working days in which to have the glass ready the line of "the supplier let us down" rings hollow and I mark Acorn down accordingly for not being adept in simple logistics and further points down for lack of communication prior to delivery day (especially when it involves making arrangements to stay in another day). When the glass was finally received by Acorn a message was left on our answer phone. When my wife called back to arrange a date and time a very terse proprietor replied he would not talk to us at this time. The remaining work was scheduled 2 months from original request. when asked for a time slot the proprietor advised how much of an inconvenience it was to stipulate time slots, a time slot was eventually agreed upon but the exchange left you wondering who was the customer (expected to stay in all day long especially when the window panes took less than 15 minutes to install). They replaced the panes to standard which subsequently need cleaning including around the frames which had oily marks round white windown frame.

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Absolute waste of time, disorganised, slow to respond to queries. Rude and unhelpful. Avoid.

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