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August 2016
All doors and windows fitted in 2006. They came and fitted them and to say it was a rushed job is an understatment. A young lad was with the joiner and he was sat watching my Tele and doing nothing! We have had nothing but problems since they fitted the windows with black spots and patches and cold air coming in. The French doors have been a nightmare. When a qualified! Window fitter came round he couldn't believe the shoddy workmanship! The double glazing in the doors were not even packed out at all they were loose! After attempting several times to contact Mr Senior and sending pictures of all the faults he never even rang or got back to me! Still have problems with them after all this time! Stay well away Mr Senior is a rip off merchant and don't know how he sleeps at night. Do not give them any business. I am now going to get an expert in to get advice and contact trading standards and even call the bbc to get it on the morning program where tradesmen rip of people. Stay away!!

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April 2016
I could not possibly recommend this company. They put a conservatory on my house but it was measured too short to put correctly against the fascia board so they hung it from the edge and told me it had to be like that to fit the house. There was water running through the frame from the off and from the outlet pipe. At first Senior promised to sort out faults but the parts never materialised and when he or his workers were supposed to call he normally either cancelled or just didn't turn up. His phone is on voicemail so he never can get to talk to him unless he rings you. When I started to ring him on his landline to complain he just hung up. He never returned my calls when I rang to say water was pouring into the conservatory. When eventually after several letter saying I would go to court he turned up he laughed in my face, "You won't get a penny off me." I eventually had to have the conservatory replaced as it was all wrong and could not be repaired or revamped because it was measured too short. STAY AWAY!

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