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Bude Windows & Conservatories Ltd

4.3/5 Stars - 13 reviews

11 Positive Reviews
2 Negative Reviews
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Reviews and Recent work

Hardwood Conservatory with Supalite Roof Company Showcase - May 2016
Although we lived in south east cornwall, we chose Bude windows after a number of quotes from different aluminium window companies. Bude were one of the cheapest, but it was visiting their offices, and seeing some of their work at some commercial projects in Bude that clinched it. We also liked the well run family company bit. The windows were measured up correctly and arrived 6 weeks later. Removal of old softwood windows and removal from site was efficient. New aluminium windows were installed with care and precision. We had a variety of windows and doors fitted, including top and side hung windows, a large industrial 2.5m wide full height glass front door with full height side panels, a large 2.5 m wide x 2.1m tall 4 paned window in the lounge and inward opening full height glass paned patio doors. The 'Smart' system windows and doors offer a contemporary clean lined look and match the granite walls well in RAL colours. We only had one problem, that being the patio doors made by the supplier to Bude, had handed the main access door on the wrong side, but this was a factory error, not Bude windows. Within a few weeks the replacement doors and frame were installed and without question - excellent service. We are very pleased with the job and competitive price, and once we are ready for phase 2, will use Bude windows again for the remainder of the property - no question at all.

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