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Reviews and Recent work

April 2019
Sash windows, front door and basic double glazing windows for back of the house were ordered. The timeline to receive the windows was quite long, approximately 12 weeks (this was extended as I added to the order). After such a long wait, there were quite a few issues when the windows were being installed, including fitters refusing to do the work and then another fitter removing a newly fitted radiator off the wall and causing some damage (Osborn windows did pay for this to be amended). Customers should be aware when purchasing sash windows the installation isn’t the same as basic windows and should perhaps ask for details of what can go wrong and the sort of damage one can expect. Unfortunately, my property had some live plaster which meant a lot of it came off when the windows were being installed (picture attached). This caused quite a few delays as it meant the wall had to be fixed before the window and finishing could be finalised. This did add stress and delayed my move in date, which unfortunately meant having to pay rent on a second property that I really didn’t want to do. Overall, my experience was positive before the installation, I then did lose faith in their abilities to do the work. However, Danny did step in and do some of the work himself and David finalised the job which in the end does look good (picture attached). I thankfully had people working on the property fitting a bathroom and kitchen during the window installation and they were willing to add the amends to the wall to their workload so I didn’t need to look for another builder. The additional cost to fix the walls was approximately £1000, so it may be best to add this to the budget if deciding on sash windows. General comments: If you’re ordering from this company it may be useful to know that they don’t work weekends or evenings so it does take extra effort to coordinate with them, I found myself having to take annual leave or working from home to coordinate things we couldn’t do via phone/email. Ways to improve service: 1)Have a post box so it’s easier to drop off keys on the weekend/evening so things aren’t always reliant on face-to-face meetings. 2)Update weekend phone message so it doesn’t transfer you and put you on hold…..message should mention you’re not open and possibly state your open times (I unfortunately called during the weekend to make a payment and was on hold for a significant amount of time before I gave up and emailed Tim only to be told the shop wasn’t open on a Saturday).

Company Response

Dear Rugina, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. All reviews are taken seriously and although it great to read all the 5* reviews we receive, the lower rated reviews are what we learn from. Regarding the improvements you suggested, a letterbox can not be installed into our glass shopfront unfortunately. We did have an external letterbox but found that clients were not confident in leaving there keys here. so we would normally arrange to collect a key either the night before or earlier on the morning of the installation. We do understand your point and are currently looking for alternative solution. You will be pleased to know that we now have a new phone system that informs you of our opening times and will not leave you on hold for a long period of time. With this age of property live plaster is really common and it's rare that we lose such an amount of plaster when removing the old windows. Your particular installation was more difficult as the original timber sash windows were removed and converted to take a casement window, probably back in the 80's. This meant the area around the old sash window had a form of studwork and plasterboard fitted around the window. This was then plastered over and decorated making it very difficult to see where the new and old plaster lines met. The rear bedroom had previously suffered from damp at some point, you can tell this by the rendered area to the external of the window. After the first window was fitted we had a much better understanding and the other 4 rooms which had the same conversion were not affected in this way. This year we have been very fortunate to be busy and our sales have shown good growth. This provides its own challenge with staff, mainly installation teams, as fitters have to be NVQ qualified or hold a MTC skills card. The industry as a whole is suffering with a lack of "new talent" coming through. We do offer training etc to staff but to gain the all important site experience is a slow process. In order to keep up with our expected high standard of fitting we simply refuse to take unqualified personnel. I'm glad we restored confidence in our ability to supply a good service. I was shocked to read the repair to the wall was £1000 but hopefully you now have a plastered wall that isn't live. I do have conversations with as many clients as possible about this problem at time of the survey, this is also covered in our T&C's which can be found on the reverse of the contract. Again thank you for your review we are always looking to improve our service. Regards Danny Blundell.

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