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Solidor Beeston Composite Door Company Showcase - January 2019
Composite Door fitted in Wellingborough, Northants. Solidor, Beeston, External Georgian Grid (astragal bar), Black Composite Door, Black Letterplate, Automatic Slam Shut Composite Door.
September 2016
Fantastic service. No long meetings in the initial quoting period, Jackie just came in, took the measurements that she needed and off she went, easy as that! Our price was returned within 24hours. The Window Shop supplied our house full of windows, a composite front door and set of French doors. Keith and Sam were very pleasant and polite and as mentioned before on another review, they certainly aren't lacking a sense of humour. Everything was left clean and tidy and Jackie was on hand throughout to answer any questions that we had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Window Shop, they really are a very good team! A* from us, keep up the good work!!

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