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The Window Shop (Midlands) Ltd

5.0/5 Stars - 64 reviews

The Window Shop , 109 Mill Road , Wellingborough , Northamptonshire.
07881 912518

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A Purple Door!! Company Showcase - February 2018
One of the latest colour trends is Purple....this customer desperately wanted the purple door but was unsure of going ahead with it, after much deliberation the lady took the plunge and ordered the purple (Rich Aubergine). I've since received a call from the customer to let me know how much she loves her door and is "so glad she went with her gut" ..... We think it looks great. A Solidor Tenby 4 Glazed with Modena Glass in Rich Aubergine with Chrome Furniture, installed in Kettering. We install Composite Doors, uPVC Windows and Conservatories in Rushden, Wellingborough, Kettering, Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Olney, Sharnbrook and all surrounding areas. Contact us for a quotation!!!
May 2017
Excellent service, Replaced windows, new front and rear door and bi-folds. Were happy to work with our timescales for the new build. The fitters were great clean a tidy and did a lovely job. They were more than happy to come back when we had a small problem with the bi-folds, which was sorted quickly and no issues since. Would definitely recommend this company.

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