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Andrew Wright Windows Ltd

4.9/5 Stars - 206 reviews

9 Telford Place , South Newmoor Industrial Estate , Irvine , Ayrshire.
01294 311078
204 Positive Reviews
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Reviews (206)

About Andrew Wright Windows Ltd

February 2019
Quality of door supplied very poor. Tradesmen unable to hang door correctly and even if they had would not have corrected faults of rain bar being placed on door squint and glass within door being squint. Also when we put key in lock from outside it is so near frame in door that it scrapes it every time we put key in lock. We have contacted Trading Standards and are awaiting for a reply from Andrew Wright windows and doors by 6/7/18 at the latest although now looking like 17/7/18 as they are on holiday and think it is acceptable for us to be kept waiting for their reply to our complaints . However Trading Standards do not agree and say they have had ample time to reply and it is not our fault they cannot get their supplier to attend to look at the door promptly. However meantime we are left with a poor quality door despite asking for permission from Andrew Wright to have the door replaced with another one from any company as long as it is comparable with what we picked. But NO was the answer from their customer service .manager. We will be held up for 6 weeks with works being carried out at our property due to their lack of urgency to help. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED in the customer service so far as in the past they were a very good company to deal with however not so anymore. We are quite willing to have the door replaced and any sealant around frame being fixed. But Andrew Wright want to wait for their expert first which would be fair enough if they were prompt about it but now they have taken off for a fortnight and we are left with a poor quality door. However Trading Standards did say it is it not our fault they are on holiday and to just continue with legal proceedings as we did issue them with a letter stating we would give them two weeks to rectify the problems or replace. As yet neirher has happened.

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