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Andrew Wright Windows Ltd

4.9/5 Stars - 206 reviews

9 Telford Place , South Newmoor Industrial Estate , Irvine , Ayrshire.
01294 311078
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Reviews (206)

About Andrew Wright Windows Ltd

November 2017
Andrew Wright began work on my conservatory on 1st August, stating that work would take 3-4 weeks. The job was finally finished at the end of November. Builders did not appear when expected and often with no phone call to let us know they were not coming. I have a tumble dryer which once the conservatory was built would vent into it, rather than outside. On the plans no provision had been made for venting it to the outside. The Wrights building manager admitted this was his oversight and promised to have it vented to the outside. On the plans there is no plasterboarding of the walls, but as there was now going to be a vent going to the outside Wrights agreed to plasterboard the wall free of charge. When their men arrived to do this they had been told NOT to do anything about the vent, that it was my responsibility, and yet they still plasterboarded the walls at their expense! I am now left with the tumble dryer venting directly into the conservatory, and have been given ducting to lead out of the window when I want to use the tumble dryer. Four attempts were made to lay the concrete floor. After the third attempt the floor was still not fit for purpose, Andrew Wright initially emailed refusing to take responsibility. I obtained a witness statement from a local flooring expert and Wrights at last agreed that they should do it. In the plans there is a path to be dug around the side of the new conservatory. This took three attempts as initially the diggers had not been made aware of what they had to do. On the second attempt I specifically asked for a skip to be ordered to take care of materials from the dig. I was told the builder would take care of this and no skip would be needed. Wrights however told the builder to dump the soil in a big pile in my garden. Afterwards Wrights ordered a skip and removed the dig materials. Four attempts were made to lay a step that was NOT facing towards the building. Dealing with this company was extremely stressful, and I write this review in the hope that they will be more responsible towards their customers in future.

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