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Arena Windows

4.2/5 Stars - 14 reviews

Unit 10 , Hermes Road Gillmoss Industrial Estate Liverpool Merseyside

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June 2018
I had a conservatory fitted in September the quality of the product is very good but it’s now November and after a least ten phone calls and promises promises it is still not finished the crest at the top slopes so badly towards the wall Eddie the Eagle would be happy to ski down it. the drain pipe is still not fitted edging in the interior is not fitted and the bottom were the base meets the flooring has not been finished. I have given up trying now and my husband is doing his best to make it look good. I would advise you to go elsewhere Once we paid them which was a big mistake they did not want to know. We were told they would be back at the weekend and finish off never turned up after complaining another guy turned up and agreed the roof was not right and would try to fix it and would order the drainpipe and return unfortunately he didn’t say which year.

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