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Arena Windows

4.2/5 Stars - 14 reviews

Unit 10 , Hermes Road Gillmoss Industrial Estate Liverpool Merseyside

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December 2016
Windows fitted a few weeks ago, when it rained we noticed something wrong with living room window it wasn't fitted properly and glass was full of scratches, after numerous phone calls and being called a "LIAR " SOMEONE CAME OUT AND SAID YES NEEDS REFITTING AND NEW GLASS, A time and date was arranged but after taking curtains and blinds down and husband getting up off nightshift nobody came, after a few more phone calls and being spoke to rather badly another date was arranged my husband was told it would be Saturday morning at 7.30am, surprise surprise no one came, we had to go to the office only to find nobody there, eventually we contacted somebody who said no one works at 7.30 am so again we were lied to, after more phone calls we were told somebody would come after 12 eventually it was done and now we have a problem with the glass in the front door, it looks awful and full of glue it's a really bad finish.The mess we had when they got fitted in the first place was dreadful , I even left shoe covers to put over work boots and they were just left ,walking upstairs with filthy boots, no respect whatsoever , you really do need to learn some manners and have a lesson in good customer service with out a doubt, I could go on but I haven't the time. Never again

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