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December 2017
I was gently guided by Peter in choosing the best replacement windows with absolutely no hard sell. The quote was clear, with no extras and and excellent price. On the first day of installation last week, we had the freezing weather and the team arrived early in a snow blizzard but ready to start work. They must have been frozen to the core but I had to nag them to drink their hot coffee as Kevin Mike just worked through any ‘ breaks’. The next day the snow had stopped but instead we had freezing rain and wind like the Rockie Mountains. To our two Supermen Installers this was just a challenge and off they went again doing the downstairs installation. The windows are a joy and although we had old double glazing these new windows have raised the temperature a few degrees indoors. Kevin and Mike are a proud example of our British workmen and the nonsense of lazy Tradesmen is not worth a fig. They must have constitutions of iron to work in these conditions and the standard of workmanship could not be bettered. Tidy, polite, quiet and perfectionists. Fantastic company , good pricing and no hard sell. What else does a customer want?

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