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Beautiful Cottage Deserves Beautiful Windows Company Showcase - November 2016
We returned to this customers property having installed a conservatory last year as her windows were becoming increasingly in efficient and draughty. For this beautiful East Sussex cottage the customer wanted something to compliment the style and character of her home, without compromising on efficiency and security. The choice was simple - These Halo flush sash windows with traditional raised Georgian bars have a standard U Value of 1.3 and are tested to PAS24 for security with multi-point locking and stylish key locking handles. Needless to say the customer is delighted and can't believe the difference the windows have made in keeping her home cosy as the winter starts to set in.
November 2014
Decided to go for one of the smaller private companies to get a more personalized service. Turned out to be a better choice that I imagined. Went out of their way to show me the comparison between aluminum and uVPC and made some great suggestions on the style of windows that would look best for our property which is a 200 year old house. They didn't just install the windows, they made sure that the restoration inside and out was completed so that we had the complete end product. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter Crittal and his team. They were also very competitive in terms of price. Happy hunting but give these guys a chance.

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