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Inverclyde Windows and Doors Ltd.

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Unit 2 Earnhill Place, , Larkfield Ind. Est. , Greenock , Renfrewshire.
01475 630044
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Reviews (115)
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November 2023
If I was rating just the quality of the windows and doors then I’d have given 5 stars as they were fitted on time, look great and overall, the fitting went well. They appear to be of a very high quality. I am very happy with them. Where the company have let themselves down in a big way is their after sales service. For this, I’d rate 2 stars. On fitting a few windows, render was damaged. They initially attempted to fix this (as they are contractually bound to do) with little better than wet sand that collapsed and left gaping holes in my walls. One was so bad, I could put my finger through to the inside of the house. I had to make a quick temporary fix until they came back to do a proper job. One member of staff seen it and said he’d mark it as urgent and I’d need a builder to sort it. I heard nothing more. I chased the company up again and still nothing, months later. They have shown no care in the fact they left my house open to the elements which is pretty poor service indeed. This is not something I should have had to fix myself.

Company Response

Hello Mr & Mrs Kelly We just wanted to follow up with you after your disappointing review. We would have to disagree that we were contractually bound to fix your render in this instance. If you read point 13 on the terms and conditions of your contract with us it states “ The Company cannot accept responsibility for any damage resulting from structural or any other defects in the property at which the installation is carried out although you will be advised if any defects are found by the surveyor or fitters”. The render was already defective which, our fitters did point out to you at the time. The repair we did on this was out with contractual rights and done as a goodwill gesture. Our fitters also covered unsightly rusty lintels with grey anthracite PVC (which is expensive) to make your property aesthetically more pleasing. This was also done as a good will gesture and you were not charged extra for any of this.

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