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Shane Howells Ltd

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The Workshop Bye Street , Ledbury , Herefordshire.
01531 635338
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Guttering / Capping Boards/ Fascia’s. Company Showcase - March 2020
Guttering gives you peace of mind that your home’s protected from damp. Damage from damp can cause a lot of problems, both inside and outside your home, worst of all, once moisture has found its way in, it can be expensive to remedy. Having a reliable, robust guttering system will protect your property from water ingress. We can offer 3 different styles of UPVC Guttering, you can choose from Universal, Half Round and Square; and 5 different colours White, Brown, Black, Grey and Clay Brown. Fascia’s Fascia is the boards that are fixed to the bottom edge of your roof at the front and rear of your house. Their main role is to hold the bottom row of tiles in place and to provide a solid base on which to attach guttering. It stops the exposed ends of your rafters absorbing water, which can lead to damaging damp and rot. Fascia’s need to support a good deal of weight without warping or breaking under the strain-especially when you consider several gallons of water per second can be running into the gutters of the average semi-detached house during a downpour. Here at Shane Howells we use High quality 18mm uPVC Boards for guaranteed, long-term protection. UPVC Capping Boards provide an attractive, low maintenance alternative to the annual expedition up a ladder to repaint your timber roofline As long as your existing fascia’s and soffits are free from rot and damage (we will call and carry out an inspection to give you our opinion) these boards can be attached directly on top to create a weatherproof barrier. We can offer 8 different colours and widths and in two profile styles. After all these awful storms of late is your guttering now up to the job? Call Shane Howells Ltd on Ledbury 01531 635338 for a free no obligation quote, or pop into our New Showroom in Bye Street Ledbury
October 2016
Excellent in every aspect

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