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News 2 years ago
less waste
Pressalit’s kitchen against waste An important part of Pressalit’s work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production includes our work with food waste in our kitchen and canteen. At Pressalit, we strive to integrate new initiatives in various parts of our processes in order to minimize our environmental impact on the world. This also goes for our kitchen, which also works specifically with the task of decreasing waste. Pressalit’s kitchen and canteen works with the sustainability and reduction of food waste on three overall levels: By always using high quality groceries Through the production and serving of food By re-using food waste in collaboration with Daka Refood High quality groceries The Pressalit-kitchen aims to use organic groceries, as much as possible. This is the reason why we collaborate with Hørkram, which also focus on organic and seasonal groceries of high quality. By choosing ingredients of the highest quality, the kitchen makes the most of the ingredients and thereby, they minimize waste. Serve less, waste less Another aspect of working with sustainability is the preparation and serving of the food. As the kitchen prepares and serves food based on strict rules, there is a special focus on how much food is served and prepared and how much food is put on the buffet at the time. By optimizing the production and serving, we minimize the amount of food, which is thrown away. From waste to energy Regardless how much our kitchen works with reduction of waste, it cannot be avoided completely. Therefore, Pressalit cooperates with Daka Refood, which collects our food waste and re-uses it as biogas; a green and more sustainable form of energy. On a yearly basis, Pressalit collects 5840 kg organic waste. After it has been re-used, this amount of waste is equivalent to: Nutrition enough to manure 9530,9 kg carrots A reduction of CO2 emissions by 4163,9 kg 196,2 days’ warmth in an average household Production of 5369,3 kWh The reduction of food waste across these three areas therefore contributes to Pressalit’s work with SDG #12. Additionally, it adds to our aim of being a sustainable and responsible business.
Showcase 2 years ago
Rehabilitation and Training Kitchen installed at The Glasgow Children's Hospital.
The Brief for this project was to create an accessible, useable and safe workspace for children with different needs but also suitable for teaching staff. We achieved this by installing Pressalit Rise and Fall worktops fitted with an Induction hob and sink, Rise and Fall wall units, accessible corner storage units, a large height adjustable preparation table and Neff Hide and Slide Ovens.
Showcase 3 years ago
Fitted Kitchen in The Wirrel
Fitted kitchen with accessible storage solutions
Showcase 3 years ago
Adapted Kitchen Installation in Preston
The Brief for this project was to create an accessible, wheelchair friendly domestic kitchen. We achieved this by installing Pressalit Rise and Fall worktops fitted with an Induction hob and sink, Rise and Fall wall units, accessible corner storage units and Neff Hide and Slide Ovens, fitted at a lower level to meet the customers needs.
Showcase 3 years ago
Adapted Kitchen in Stockport
The Brief for this project was to create an accessible, adapted family kitchen. We achieved this by installing Pressalit Rise and Fall worktops fitted with an Induction hob and sink, Rise and Fall wall units, accessible corner storage units, Neff Hide and Slide Ovens.
February 2020
REGENCY KITCHENS Disability Action Yorkshire is a charity that provides services for disabled peope including residential care with training for independant living. Our care home at 34 Claro road was purpose built in 2007 but by 2010 it became apparant that the kitchens were not meeting the needs of the people that lived there. Whilst worktops sink and hobs were low level they were fixed height which meant that they were not easilt accesible to all people. We chose Regency Kitchens for a number of reasons. The price was highly competitive, which was of course a crucial element. We were also extremely impressed with the range of electronically adjustable units, wall cupboards, sink, hob and worktops. We were able to choose contemporary finishes, which is important as our service users are aged from 18-65, with the majority being in the younger age bracket. What impressed us most, however was the time spent in designing, making suggestions that we had not thought of aqnd the fact that the designers actually talked to the service users to find out what they wanted from their kitchens. From placing the order to installation was amazingly quick, a matter of weeks. The fitters were quick, effecient and discreet. The old kitchens were dismantled and new ones installed, including flooring within two days. We really were surprised at the speed at which the job was completed. The finished result was better than we could have anticipated. Now service users can access all of the cupboards, including wall units, easily. Every appliance is accessible and easy to use from the rise anfall hob to the talking microwave. The new kitchens have made a real and valuable difference to the people that live at 34 Claro Road. They have reported that they find them easy to use, but most importantly that they have helped them to maintain, and in some cases gain independant living skills. We will be using Regency to install further kitchens in the training flat at the centre and also in our newly acquired holiday accommodation. Again we have found them to be most helpful in the designing of kitchens in less conventional areas. From first contact to aftercare we have been completely satisfied and would recommend Regency Kitchens to anyone looking for a quality service and product. Jackie Snape Chief Executive Disability Action Yorkshire

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