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Cream Foil Conservatory Company Showcase - September 2017
Here at Halstead Glass we are pleased to present our most recent Conservatory Installation. Our customer desired two things, firstly a light space and secondly an 'extension feel'. Our sales representative Clint suggested the Ultra Frame Living Room Roof. Complete with an internal plasterboard perimeter, this roof system has the look and feel of an extension but without the steep price! If you would like an extension similar to the one pictured here please call us on 01787 473516 or via email on info@halsteadglass.co.uk
December 2015
The project was the full replacement of 9 windows and 1 door, 5 windows are white internally and a colour externally, the door is a composite cottage design. All of which are of good quality and we are extremely pleased with the choice of Halstead Glass and the result. So much so that this company will be carrying out the replacement of another two doors installed recently through a home insurance selected company. The installation team are a credit to the business and it was a pleasure to have them carryout work in my home, punctual, polite, tidy and professional throughout. The work was completed today, 9th Dec 2015 on time. Thank you to all at Halstead Glass, see you in January 2016 for part 2.

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