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May 2019
The salesman did a good job and convinced us EYG were the company to do our windows. It went down hill from there on. The fitters arrived without the correct tools..no spirit level or the correct ladders..they balanced on a roof breaking several slates...didn't bother to tell us! We were supposed to be able to see the design of the windows from a series of very small squibbled diagrams.....which were not to scale. Then when we complained afterwards all we got was you've signed the contract...the fact they were wrong didn't matter...The style of glass was a mixture of landscape and portrait and we have a thick piece of pvc straight at eye level but that was deemed ok? I could go on and on......EYG have put a few bits right but would I recommend .. not to my worse enemy (if I had one). Stay clear ..very unprofessional in all areas.

Company Response

Hi Christine, please can you email your contract number to customercare@eyggroup.com so we can investigate this for you, Many Thanks EYG

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