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January 2019
We had our conservatory replaced as well as an additional window. The entire process from obtaining the quote, arranging a date for the work to be done to & the actual installation was organised very professionally. The installers (Gary & his son Jack) were polite & professional throughout and worked tirelessly, despite the physically demanding nature of the work, to ensure completion on time. This necessitated working overtime on a couple of days. On one of the days this was to make the installation watertight in view of the forecast of impending rain. Considering that the existing conservatory had to be entirely dismantled prior to commencing the new installation, the schedule of work appeared to be very tight. Despite this, they did not consider the job finished until they had removed all the old upvc doors, windows and debris etc. & cleaned everything up. Finally they cleaned all the windows. We did encounter a couple of slight hiccups – it became apparent that the proposed ridge spotlights were unsuitable for the type of conservatory we had selected but the issue was favourably resolved with the offer of a credit note to compensate for having to purchase alternative lighting. Unfortunately a pane in the replacement window incurred a crack during fitting, but this was promptly replaced. In our experience EYG is a first class company with hard working, top grade workmen and we can highly recommend the company.

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