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June 2019
Just had fascia, soffits and gutters replaced by this company, after the order we had to chase them for the survey. The survey was carried out and a week later we were give an installation date and a time scale of 4 days. On the Monday a fitter turned up and said that his assistant had not come to work , the fitter said that the access tower should have been delivered and he would wait until lunch time to see if the tower was delivered , this was delivered . The fitter then said that as it was a 2 man job and as his assistant was not available he would go and return tomorrow. On the Tuesday we had a call from the office saying that the fitter would not be coming due to a family health problem. Both men turn up on Wednesday and the job was started. The work progressed and upon inspection after the fitter had left for the day I noted that Over Fascia Ventilation had not been fitted which I had requested and been told by the sales man was normal . We asked the fitter the next day why these had not been fitted and was told it not on the survey and this type of roof does not require them so he would not be fitting them. The work carried on and was completed on Friday, which time I was presented with the bill. We informed the fitter that I would talk to the office about the payment. We contacted the office about the missing Over Fascia Ventilation and was told that it was not on the order or on the survey (But was on the hand written quote from the sales man) and as such they would not be fitting them, just pay the bill. Both the order and survey are written by the company and contains many codes and references. After various emails and phone calls I had to raise an official complaint. After raising this complaint a compromise was suggested that they fit Circular Vents in the soffits and as a gesture of good will a £200 reduction of the bill (we would like a good installation not a gesture of good will). The installation manager came out with a sample of the Vents which we accepted we also pointed out some faults including a length (2 Meters) of fascia board which had not been replaced. Most of the faults were corrected on the second visit with some left as these were 2 man jobs. On the third visit an attempt was made to correct the remaining problems with the exception to the fascia which is trapped in the chimney breast (the fitter said he thought he talk to me about it?) I asked the fitter about the standard of installation and his comment was “It not bad if you wanted better you should have gone to another company” Is this “Not too bad “the standard that this company aim for ? The total job has taken 10 week to complete, I paid the bill in full as I do not want to be under any obligation to this company. The total job was stress from start to finish.

Company Response

Thank you for your review Mr Priestly. We take your comments on board, however we are disappointed that you have been so negative despite us working so hard to fix all your issues. The delay with the fitters was a genuine family emergency. Unfortunately, we do not have spare fitters waiting 'just in case', it’s just not cost effective for us. The over fascia ventilation was not needed on your property as it has rosemary tiles. Sales people sometimes put items on an order just in case to check, all orders are clearly marked ‘subject to survey’. The surveyor is the expert and rightly left it off the survey. We fitted a larger fascia board to compensate for the lack of over fascia ventilation, hence no good will gesture originally. We then fitted the disk vent at no extra cost, even though it was not required. The 2 mtr fascia board that was not replaced was due to the fact it was behind the chimney stack and cemented in, only 2 inches was visible. This decision was taken by our fitter as it was the best solution. We have spoken to our fitter who suggested you maybe should try a difference company. He said this because if you wanted the trusses cutting back, a roofer would need to do this. When you cut the trusses back you have to alter the tiles and it is a completely different type of job, which would have cost significantly more than our price. we price for replacement not alteration. We visited your property 6 times. We listened to all your complaints. The extra work we did would have cost £300; we didn’t charge you anything. Our standards of work are high, if we get something wrong (we are only human) we fix it, which we did.

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