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September 2018
Window replacements just completed without a problem. We love the windows, particularly the bow, which we think has transformed the look of our house. All done as promised, on time and with maximum efficiency. Ash, John and Harry were a great team and really got on with the job and Ash was meticulous in ensuring everything was spot on in terms of work and product. Similarly with Bob and Chris who installed the bow window and every day the house was left neat and tidy. Allan was very helpful with the initial quote etc and the fitting teams also said what a great job Chris had done with the survey, so many thanks to all.

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Thanks for the fantastic review , we are very pleased that your happy with the outcome and our fitters work - You can recommend friends and family here https://www.eygwindows.co.uk/ recommend-a-friend you can earn up to £400 in cash!

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