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September 2018
The Salesperson was a lovely man Well-spoken and really nice A pleasure to invite to give A fair and reasonable price The Surveyor checked the measurements And made sure all was fine He was very flexible And worked round my free time The paperwork was done for me I didn’t need to worry The schedule was quickly all arranged Though I wasn’t in a hurry All the Office Staff responded In a pleasant and helpful way Even though I wasn’t sure What extension to choose on the day The guys in all the Trade Teams Were a polite and friendly bunch Grateful to be offered Sausage sandwiches for Brunch The weather didn’t faze them Come rain or wind or shine The work was all completed Within the quoted time All the jobs were carried out With gusto and with pride The teamwork was great to see As the Trades worked side-by-side My conservatory roof looks F-A-B-ulous And really very Grand A huge THANK YOU to EYG For taking the project in hand

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Mrs Cayton - WOW what can we say, a great review and a even better poem!

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