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October 2018
We have a 1930s art deco/moderne house which had somewhat unsympathetic 40 year old windows drastically in need of replacement. EYG managed to provide windows similar in appearance to the original crittall metal windows in uPVC, and the installation team managed to fit them in openings which had been poorly repaired/fitted in the past. All in all a difficult job in which the fitting team provided excellent service, while explaining issues that would need to be resolved, and giving freely of their knowledge. The windows themselves look very much in keeping with the original design of the property, the house is very much warmer, and so much quieter than before. It has to be said that I've never such local and passing interest in new windows, as it is difficult to find companies that will take this sort of job on.

Company Response

Mr Talbot-Jones we are so pleased you are happy with your windows. EYG do specialise in this type of project and pride ourselves in tackling the more challenging projects!

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