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July 2019
30th May 2019. I had a salesman visit to quote me for a garage conversion. He spent ages measuring up and calculating a price. He gave us his price, then phoned the office and spoke to John Dearman who could give us 10% reduction if we signed up today. Yes the old old 1970s sales patter. We told the salesman we had a maximum budget and showed him the door. However, he asked if he could telephone John Dearman one more time. John Dearman agreed to do it within our budget and we signed a contract on the day, and gave £1000 deposit. 12th June 2019 a surveyor came and measured up. Nothing untoward identified. 5th July 2019 Jason from EYG visited us to tell us the price quoted is less than they can do it for. He wanted another £3750. We refused and asked for our deposit back. However, he told us John Dearman comes back from holiday 15th July 2019. The very same John Dearman who approved the quote on 30th May. I was initially prepared to wait for him to return to the office, but started to have doubts. 10th July 2019 I telephoned Lincoln branch and spoke to Chris who explained the quote is less than the cost. At this point I asked for my deposit back and was informed this could not be done until John Dearman came back from his holiday. Hopefully I will get my deposit back and some kind of gesture of goodwill. After all we are in contract. The stress and anxiety for what should have been an exciting project is now telling on me.

Company Response

Hi please can you email your contract number to customercare@eyggroup.com so we can investigate this for you Many Thanks EYG

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