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The Home Design Group

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Units 4-6, Nella House, 96 Dargan Crescent, Belfast, BT3 9JP.
028 9077 2077
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Reviews (311)

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December 2021
Be extrememly cautious I purchased my door from this company on the 29th March at the time was advised all the work would be undertaken by this company (removal of porch, fitting of new door and tidying up surround) and this would be a two day job. Work began on the 18th August; workmen left shards of glass on porch and didn’t return the next day to tidy. Door was fitted on the 20th August and remained without glass panels for 7 weeks as company told workmen to fit the door known glass panels weren’t ready. Throughout this time there was scaffolding left up side of the house for weeks, exposed electrical cables and door not locking. Safety of my home compromised for 7 weeks as there was pieces of cardboard were glass should have been. During this time builders saying they would be there and then not showing up to complete the job. Finally sent email of complaint on the 4th October, company were apologetic and assured me work would be completed. To date this still not completed as outside trim has been fitted with clear silicone and now awaiting this to be redone with green silicone. Lots of hassle, chasing builders & company & taken time off work for no one to arrive. I received response to my complaint alongside the details of another individuals account. In complaint response they advised I could have £250 off more products I wouldn’t let this company come and do work in my home for free; work has been such a hassle and dangerous. What was to be a two day job has taken 4 months and repeated emails & chasing up. The front of my home was a state for weeks be extremely cautious of using this company.

Company Response

Hi Nuala thank you for taking the time to write this review. After reading this review, we have fully investigated this matter and feel your review is not only not factual its also unfair for all we did for you. When we initiated the building works your porch roof internally was completely rotten and falling to pieces, we could not complete any of our work until this was repaired as it was unsafe and beyond repair. Our building contractor undertook this additional work and completely replaced this at cost price to you. This would have been something you would have been totally liable for but we did everything for you to ensure you did not have huge additional costs. This took time as we needed to get additional materials ordered in, but once they were available, they completed the work immediately. As a company this was never an ideal situation but with the unforeseen condition of your roof internally we went above and beyond to rectify this condition and leave you with a porch roof that was safe. This roof potentially would have caused injury to you or damage to your property if our contractor had not uncovered this underlying damage.

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