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EPDM Roof Company Showcase - February 2017
Log Cabin fitted with a Firestone EPDM Roof
May 2016
We have been having problems with our garage roof for some time and have had a few quotes but they were ranging in and around £1500 to have it done, but could not afford it at the time, then I was given Kevin's number from a friend who had heard about A1 Home Improvements from a work colleague I gave them a call and met with Kevin at my home very promptly and was given a price to do the job at first I thought there must be a mistake as it was over £600 cheaper than what we had previously got from other people then thought as you do that it was being done incorrectly, so mention to Kevin who was more than happy to show us work he had previously done and after a lot of consideration we decided to go with him. Well I'm glad I did, it has been completed today with no fuss or disturbance to us, and it looks great. Just goes to show that the motto " you get what you pay for " does not always apply as we have had a brilliant job done for a lot less than others wanted. I would definitely recommend Kevin to every one.

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