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August 2020
We had a good sales visit (but all sales visits are good) however the first day of install was delayed from a Thursday to Friday 31st July due to bad weather. When the install started on the Friday, I voiced concerns about them being able to take off the old roof and construct the new one in a day. I was reassured that this would be plenty of time. The 2 installers worked hard, and they worked the Saturday to get everything completed however, the bracket for our vertical blind had been damaged during the install. The installer did not inform us of this. There was a hole on the outside fascia which rain could of came through and part of the guttering was missing, and the installer advised the plasterer would fit the guttering on Monday. The plasterer came on the Monday and was not aware that he was expected to fit guttering or that he could do as this was not his job! We contacted Kitchens plus ltd who advised they would get the installer back, by doing this delayed the plasterer to the following day. The installer came back and filled the hole in the fascia with silicone. attached the missing piece of guttering and then apologised about damaging the vertical blind bracket. Which has now led us to having to purchase new blinds. The plasterer came on Tuesday (a different one to who came the day before) and constructed the ceilings. The mess he made was very bad and he had very little care in taking care of the outside patio where he was working. I felt he could have put down a dust sheet and cut and mix the plaster on this instead of on the paved patio. The electrician came on the Wednesday and done a fantastic job (best part of the install) installing our lights and light switch and couldn't do enough for us. Apart from one call we made to the office to inform them of the missing guttering, hole in the fascia and damage to the bracket no one has called us to see if everything went well. The overall finish of the conservatory inside is not very neat. We have a scratch mark on the glass on one of the doors, scratches and marks on the UPV window frames inside. The aftercare is non-existent and today (20.08.2020) I have received a letter from building control asking me to let them know when the roof is finished. I rang building control to advise roof was finished on 06.08.2020. They seemed shocked by this and asked if we have had it inspected yet. I said that I hadn't had a visit from an inspector. Building control advised they would call kitchens plus and speak with them as this should have not happened as they were told the install date was later and did not expect the roof to have even been started yet. Overall, not a professional service not informative or any care I felt the job was rushed and caused some damage to my existing framework which I did not expect. If you do choose this company, please make sure the job starts on a Monday as I feel starting anything on a Friday creates a rushed element to what should have been smooth sailing which this wasn't.

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