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July 2020
Kitchen refurb. Poor planning, communication and after sales service. Before my review have you noticed how many positive reviews are actually posted by Kitchens plus? Have you checked other review sites? The kitchen cabinets etc are reasonable. Ensure that the sales person writes everything he promises down as they will not underwrite what he tells you to win the sale. Installation is OK but be prepared to chase any contractors yourself. K+ Managers are "too busy to respond to customers" After 3 months both the ovens (Caple) have failed and K+ do not accept the terms of the Consumer Credit Act of 2015 as they refuse to accept responsibility and attempt to fob you off with the warranty from Caple. 3 weeks after failing & 1 repair attempt our ovens are still out of action. The act above states it is the responsibility of the Retailer to provide a refund or replacement if the appliance fails within 6 months of delivery. K+ response was "no way will we replace the ovens" Avoid unless you want to continually chase issues

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