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September 2014
We had the windows (21) and doors(4) in 2 houses in Cardiff replaced by Heath Windows in September. Every aspect of the work was superb, from the initial meeting with Miall to completion of the job 2 weeks later. Miall understood our requirement, made some great suggestions and displayed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the regulations and the possibilities. Within a day he provided a detailed quotation at a fair price without any flannel or pressure. Christian, who came to measure both houses, was equally enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Christian and Steve, another expert, looked after a house each and in the course of several days had fitted the very high quality windows and doors and completed associated finishing to an exacting standard. I cannot fault them in any way and have nothing but praise for them - they were hard-working, extremely clean and tidy, courteous and on-time. They were also fun to work with and took time to explain some of the methods they use. I would not dream of using any other window or door company and have no hesitation in recommending them in the strongest possible terms.

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