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October 2015
I desperately needed new UPVC sash windows for a victorian property but was a little worried that the end result would look cheap and out of character, not to mention the worry of relentless sales tactics adopted by many companies. I obtained quotes from a number of local companies and was unimpressed for a variety of reasons, until I eventually found Miall and his team from Heath Windows and Doors. The first visit from Kevin was extremely professional and he listened to exactly what I wanted which was a wood effect Chartwell Green exterior on a white interior. Within a few days I obtained a detailed quote and was even visited again to be shown a sample of the window in the exact colour which was made up just of me - No hard sell, no pressure and all questions were answered quickly by phone or email. I had also been toying with the idea of building a lean to the side of my property which Kevin was more than happy to talk through but unlike the windows I wasn't quite sure what I wanted and if it was even possible. Although this wasn't quite as straight forward as the windows, the same level of professionalism and service was provided and we discussed at length the options available. In the end we decided to proceed with both the windows and the lean to. (went for a wood effect rosewood finish casing with glass roof and side panels). Miall and his team were able to organise fantastic subcontractors to complete the brickwork and footings too. The final result has far exceeded my expectations, the quality of the materials used, like the workmanship, is second to none. If you're looking for a company who prides itself on exemplary service, quality of product and exceptional workmanship at reasonable prices then you will be hard pressed to find a better company than Heath Windows & Doors. I will certainly be using Miall and his team in future, thanks guys.

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