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November 2018
We’ve just had new Double Glazed windows from Heath Windows and Doors fitted in our house, and we are THRILLED with the finished job. (I’m so happy I could burst!) What a wonderful company from start to finish. Every single aspect, from our initial query, to the completion of the job, has been friendly, thorough and professional. We’d particularly like to commend the skill and competence of the excellent fitters, Richard and Rhys, who worked diligently with complete attention to detail. They turned up early, worked non-stop and tidied up beautifully each night. They've left our house like a palace! We have the utmost respect for them, their skill and passion for the job, and their warmth. The windows themselves look fabulous, even better than we’d expected, and more than that, the noise level from outside has decreased immensely. In addition, we no longer have a draughty house and we’ve had to turn down the thermostat on the heating! Why did we choose Heath Windows and Doors? Their reviews on the Internet and in Social Media, especially in our local community pages, are very, very positive (and we must admit that they are true!) We’d been planning on new windows for a while and had done a lot of research on various other glazing companies, but there was something about Heath Windows and Doors that kept drawing us back to them. We are so happy that we did choose this marvellous company. The quality of their work is outstanding. Thank you very much, Heath Windows and Doors, because we are over the moon!

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