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Omega Lifestyle Ltd

4.9/5 Stars - 88 reviews

Station Bridge , Broadway, Yaxley , Peterborough , Cambridgeshire.
0800 783 2000

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Reviews and Recent work

Kitchen ,dining room extension Company Showcase - August 2018
The project was to design ,obtain planning permission and construct an extension to a very old house. The project was in Hertfordshire but managed by our team from Peterborough. Internal steel beams were used but hidden within the walls or ceilings.
June 2017
It is usual to get web reviews complimenting the Company with which you do business when all goes well, but it is when there are problems that the true quality of a company shows. Our order was one of those. We ordered 2 sliding doors and 9 windows to replace the existing glazing and frames in late December 2016, effectively a totally new sun room. Early in January the fitters arrived with all the windows and doors which were fitted under the most appalling conditions of heavy rain, snow and hail. Unfortunately there had been an internal company error with the order, and a complete side of the sun room composed of three windows was not to specification. We were expecting problems rectifying this expensive mistake, but without any fuss or acrimony the windows to the proper specification duly arrived and were fitted to our total satisfaction. As the seasons moved on and the angle of the sun changed, we were dismayed to see that one of the sliding doors had a three foot manufacturing flaw across its width. Again, expecting the worst, we contacted Derek by email with photographs, to be told that a new panel would be ordered. This arrived in due course and was fitted again to our total satisfaction. As stated in other reviews, the quality of all workmanship was superb, nothing too much trouble for Paul, Ian and Craig the fitters, and Derek the installations manager. I have no hesitation in recommending this Company if you want a good product installed well, and the confidence of exceptional after sales service should it be required.

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