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Omega Lifestyle Ltd

4.9/5 Stars - 88 reviews

Station Bridge , Broadway, Yaxley , Peterborough , Cambridgeshire.
0800 783 2000

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Reviews and Recent work

Kitchen ,dining room extension Company Showcase - August 2018
The project was to design ,obtain planning permission and construct an extension to a very old house. The project was in Hertfordshire but managed by our team from Peterborough. Internal steel beams were used but hidden within the walls or ceilings.
I asked Omega for a quote to replace my conservatory. They arrived quickly, provided me with a no nonsense offer which was fully documented and illustrated. Communication was clear and always responsive. Requested changes were accommodated without issue. A date was provided, much quicker than I had expected, and the Team arrived exactly at the agreed time and commenced installation. The installation Team was headed by a very experienced engineer who had been with Omega for over 17 years, so I felt more confident that I was going to get the benefit of his considerable experience. And so it was, the conservatory went up to schedule fully meeting my expectations, and the site was cleaned and tidied. Insurance documentation was provided giving me total peace of mind and I paid Omega fully satisfied that I had a good deal and a very professional service, from sales, administration and installation. I can thoroughly recommend Omega based on my first hand experience.

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