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7-8 Earith Business Park, Meadow Drove, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 3QF.
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February 2018
My Yale front door lock seized (1 year old) and I tried to arrange for ELGlaze to rectify. Unfortunately it was a Saturday and I was informed no Admin people could authorise a replacement and although the salesman in the office (B. Budd) was very sympathetic and helpful, he said he couldn't contact anyone as it was against company policy at weekends. This was extremely frustrating and I was forced to replace the lock myself after googling how to do it. I would have called out a locksmith but I was concerned that ELGlaze wouldn't reimburse the cost. I was forced to this as I was traveling to Scotland early on Monday morning. When I did contactELGlaze they seemed less than impressed that I'd paid £24 for a lock (teeth sucking moment) who then told ME to contact Phoenix doors as they had supplied the door to ELGlaze. From my point of view ELGlaze supplied the door so this was also frustrating. I then had to email them a copy of the lock receipt and they authorised payment via ELGlaze (Steven) after I supplied him with my bank details. All of this was done whilst I was on holiday and fell well short of what I'd been told was an exemplary after sales service.

Company Response

I’m sorry that you are unhappy with our after sales in this situation. It is very unfortunate that the lock failed on a weekend and just before a planned trip. Thankfully these situations arise very rarely. We currently do not have a service team available to respond on the weekends, however In light of this situation we are reviewing this policy. It is not Elglaze policy to ask a customer to contact a supplier of ours, your custom is with us, not the supplier. In this situation our composite door supplier would normally be the ones to provide the replacement lock which is why they contacted you regarding the reimbursement for the lock you fitted. As our customer, the responsibility for reimbursement falls with us which is why they informed you to supply your bank details and receipt to us. As you mention, we actioned the reimbursement as soon as we received these details. Had this occurred at any other time, our service team could have attended as we do carry replacement locks for the composite door ranges we supply. The timing in this situation was very unfortunate. We do strive to provide excellent after sales service and once again apologise that on this occasion things didn’t go as smoothly as we would like. Nicola Lowe Elglaze Ltd

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