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Cladwinds Ltd

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Unit 7,Lyon Close,Woburn Rd Ind Estate,Kempston,MK42 7SB.
01234 851 111
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Reviews (241)

About Cladwinds Ltd

September 2017
Our thanks to the entire Cladwinds team for their involvement in providing us with exactly what we wanted - a room we can use all year round. Peter's and David's input at the design phase was greatly appreciated - especially for the suggestion of the gable front. After a short delay due to adverse weather conditions (communication throughout was timely and comforting), once the work started it was apparent that there was an air of proffessionalism and efficiency. Luke and his groundwork crew (Howard, Jamie, Kev and not forgetting Ben) worked hard in cold conditions to complete the work on time. Some weekend work was involved and copious cups of tea and coffee. Keith and Lee constructed the doors, windows and roof and did a fine job whilst thinking ahead to accommodate plumbing and electrical installations. We also had a new front door fitted at the same time. Luke and Kev returned to finish the interior plastering and screed floor and finally the electrician came as scheduled. Job done. Overall it was a good experience for us with no hiccups along the way. Everybody from start to finish evidently cared about what they were doing which really showed. Before, during and after pics follow. Thanks again guys!

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