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Cladwinds Ltd

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Unit 7,Lyon Close,Woburn Rd Ind Estate,Kempston,MK42 7SB.
01234 851 111
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Reviews (241)

About Cladwinds Ltd

October 2018
I obtained three competitive quotes to have my old conservatory replaced with a modern glass roofed and A+ rated design. Cladwinds were local to me and came in with an acceptable solution and a competitive price using the same specifications as all the others. I then decided to have some extra windows upgraded to my adjacent breakfast room and use a matching gutter design. Also, the arrangement of the conservatory windows and door were modified and the price updated accordingly. Unfortunately the calculations were incorrect but quickly brought into line, so I placed my order. The formal survey was then undertaken and work on manufacturing started. It was not long before the anticipated on-sight work was started and carried out in the allotted time. The workers were very efficient and tidy except that one of them twisted his ankle when stepping of a ladder. The remaining worker then experienced a slight technical problem that he was determined to overcome, and with a few more cups of tea, resolved successfully and kept the project on time by working hard to completion. Unfortunately the correct end cost calculations were not recorded properly, but the final balance was agreed and paid even though a compromise was made. I still await the fitting of a one piece gutter as the initial length was not available at the time. However, I don’t anticipate a problem as all the staff at Cladwinds have been very amenable and I look forward to receiving my receipted invoice and some window keys that were forgotten. All the small problems pail now that I am enjoying my newly constructed and well insulated brighter conservatory with it's double glazed, self cleaning, blue tinted anti glare roof and gas filed A+ rated specification.

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