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Hunter Hall Design

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Units 4 5 & 6 Nella House 96 Dargan Crescent Belfast BT3 9JP.
Hunter Hall Design
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We just had our kitchen completed by Hunter Hall and we are so pleased with the result. Colin is an excellent designer and created a gorgeous modern kitchen for us that really transformed the room. It takes a lot of planning and coordination of a lot of people to do a renovation like ours and we were so glad to have Scott and Neil organising and project managing on the kitchen fitting and building side. There is no way in a million years that we could have organised such an efficient and quick operation on our own. The whole package is really what you get when you go with Hunter Hall. Every single person who worked on our kitchen was top class. They did excellent work and each day they left the place really tidy. We had excellent plasterers, tilers, electricians, plumbers, kitchen fitters, joiners, worktop fitters and of course Neil to coordinate them all. The surprises that always pop up in jobs like these (in our case mystery pipes that were uncovered behind old cupboards and a very uneven floor) were solved very quickly and expertly with a real professionalism and everything was completed bang on schedule. The kitchen itself and the appliances turned out to be even more lovely in real life than in the catalogue and Scott was there in person at different stages of the project to make sure everything was looking good and to answer any questions or to get anything we needed. (Special thanks go to Scott for tightening up our PVC door that had dropped a bit - he seems to be able to fix anything!) Would I recommend Hunter Hall to others? The answer is without hesitation. If you want a stress-free kitchen build with reliable, professional people who will do the entire thing for you then you've found the right company.

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