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WarmGlow Home Improvements

2.3/5 Stars - 3 reviews

19 Sandmere Road, Sunderland
1 Positive Reviews
2 Negative Reviews

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About WarmGlow Home Improvements

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July 2021
Avoid this company at all costs arranged for bathroom and building work after numerous visits to our home to sort date booked then get a call off MD to change start date due to issue with materials not being available then they send plumber to go over job and find out materials have not been ordered!!! Decided they cannot be trusted so cancelled our order but will not give us our deposit back and not even had the decency to acknowledge our email. The stress this has caused my family to mention being out of pocket for over £2000 and having to find a new company!!!!

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June 2021
Avoid this company like the plague, not worth 1 star*. Avoid this company like the plague, arranged to have a new bathroom fitted, after paying a £1000 deposit and agreeing a start date I ripped up all my tiles and chased walls and installed pipes the way I wanted them as they refused to do that, after a 2 month wait I have now had a phone call saying they are refusing the job, leaving me in the lurch with chased walls, floorboard up and no tiles on my bathroom floor. They obviously pick a choose the suitable jobs, not giving the customer what they want but what warm glow choose as the easiest option.

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January 2020
Great choice using warmglow for my driveway. Already agreed to have windows done in april. Had one day when nothing could be done because of rain. Warmglow kept me updated and everything ran smoothly. Quality workmanship and freindly polite staff.

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