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Chartwell Green Composite Door Company Showcase - October 2016
Beautiful door installed in Little Haven recently.
October 2014
Well, it took me and my wife three years to make up our mind whether-or-not we really wanted a conservatory. We even paid a deposit in year one then changed our minds at the last minute. We did it again in year two. But in year three we committed to it , still slightly worried. Don't think we would have had that level of patience with other double glazing companies who tend to be more pushy and commissioned led. We needn't have worried. The team arrived on the due date led by Mike and supported by 'Digger' et al who demonstrated a high level of professional competence. They clearly had years of product knowledge which made the whole process painless. We can't praise them enough. What other company would have the company owner visit the site to ensure all was well - none that I know of. Gardinia are reliable, reputable and, more importantly, locally based that gives the customer piece of mind. Job well done

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