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John R Boyle (Wrexham) Ltd

5.0/5 Stars - 32 reviews

Unit 6, Pandy Industrial Estate, Plas Acton Road, Wrexham Clwyd.
01978 266319
32 Positive Reviews
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Reviews (32)

About John R Boyle (Wrexham) Ltd

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March 2022
From the first contact by phone I have found this company absolutely first class. The surveyor was very professional and explained exactly what was needed (previously the police had to break into the house where my elderly aunt had had a fall and was lying on the kitchen floor). When the guys came to fit the new frame and door they proved to be experts and had the frame and door fitted quickly and made a first rate job of it. They cleaned up after finishing and took away the old door and frame leaving everything pristine. It was a pleasure to find a company who were so helpful, caring and professional. Well done Boyles

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