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Lewington & Son

5.0/5 Stars - 94 reviews

43-45 Milford Road , Reading , Berkshire. RG18LG 01189573032
94 reviews

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Reviews and Recent work

Windows and Door Replaced Company Showcase - March 2017
Windows and Door Fitted in Tilehurst, Reading. 2017
November 2016
Faultless and fantastic! Shelley did all the pre-sales work and was honest, helpful, polite, courteous and respectful throughout the process. Jason fitted all the new windows and doors in my house and he proved himself to be a most competent craftsmen. He took his job very seriously, never taking a single short cut regardless of whether it saved him time and effort! His attention to detail along with his in-depth understanding of his trade made me feel I was in good and trustworthy hands and that I certainly chose the best company. I won't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone.

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