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About Homeview Warm Roof

Homeview Warm Roof – we are a local company based in Tadley, Hampshire and have over 30 years experience specialising in the supply and installation of windows, doors, conservatories, replacement roofs & roofline products. Homeview  offer a no pressure sales approach with a personalised service dependant on each person’s individual needs. We aim to visit our customers and discuss their requirements being with you for no more than 30 minutes. We provide a free, no obligation quote which will outline all works discussed along with C.A.D (Computer Aided Design) drawings so we can show what the final product will look like. We offer a wide variety of design, style & colour for all windows, doors and conservatories, along with being able to advise on locking systems, handles and hinges.

Showcase 2 months ago
Complete renovation in Bray
On this project the customer wanted everything updated, we touched every part of this houses exterior! The roofline, windows, front door and conservatory were all replaced. We used Linear 70mm UPVC with Georgian bar to match the style of the house and used that same profile on the conservatory. The conservatory also now has a tiled effect insulated roof system to make the space more energy efficient, come Summer or Winter that room will be a comfortable temperature. The side of the conservatory was finished using Hardie Board cladding.
Showcase 2 months ago
Over the course of a few years we've been working with this homeowner to update their property.
Last time we replaced the front door but this week we just finished the front windows, cladding and major works to rebuild the roofline after finding the wooden fascia board and ends of the rafters to be rotten. The cladding compliments the front door beautifully and has modernised the house. Cladding - Hardie Board Cedar cladding in Monterey Taupe Windows - Liniar 70mm UPVC casement Front door - Apeer 70 in Agate grey (RAL7038)
Showcase 3 months ago
Repurposing an existing space to suit your needs
Our client decided to turn his conservatory into a gym, but it was too cold. The frames were replaced for Linear UPVC casement with 28mm double glazing and the roof for an Equinox insulated solid roof with Britmet shingle tile. Now the space is much more insulated allowing for use all year round no matter the weather.
Showcase 3 months ago
No more heat loss!
A modern refurbishment Using the Equinox insulated tiled effect roof with Tapco tile, Vega fixed glass panels and Linear 80mm UPVC flush sash windows. Our client wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their conservatory as it formed part of their kitchen and was prone to heat loss.
Showcase 1 year ago
Time for coffee in the sun
We renewed this homeowners beloved morning coffee room with a new lean-to style white UPVC glass roof and frames so they would have a more low maintenance and energy efficient space to appreciate the morning sun and birds.
Showcase 1 year ago
Update your conservatory to create a year round usable space
Homeview replaced the window and doors frames of the P-shape conversation along with the roof, revitalising this conservatory to make a more temperature controlled flexible space. The new roof was a highly insulated Supalite tiled effect solid roof system include Tapco slate effect composite tiles and SkyVista fixed glass panels, flooring the space with natural light. The windows and doors were replaced using Liniar white UPVC including tilt and turn openers and energy efficient double glazing. This space will now be usable come rain or shine! The homeowners will now be able to enjoy this space no matter the temperature outside.
Showcase 4 years ago
Should you replace the frames as well?
Over the years we've replaced many windows and doors for this customers and are very pleased to say they didn't want to use anyone else when it came time to replace their conservatory. Originally they intended to just replace the roof with a Supalite tiled roof, however on assessing the lower frames which make up the windows and doors, they were found to not be in the best condition. When replacing a roof we always advise customers to consider how much life is left in their frames as ideally they should last as long as the new roof as they provide support. In this instance our customer opted to follow our advise and replace the frames as well. Now complete, the space has been given a new lease of life, modernised and ready for our customer to enjoy for many years to come, no matter the season.
Showcase 4 years ago
Some simple changes make a huge difference.
Tired of their old conservatory being either too hot or too cold, our customer decided to upgrade the roof to a Supalite tiled effect roof as well as amending the shape of their roof, the existing was far more complex and prone to leaks then necessary. So that the conservatory could be as efficient as possible, our customer decided to change the frames as well, going from white UPVC to anthracite grey UPVC, it might as well be a new conservatory as the design certainly feels as though it has transitioned from traditional to a more modern sleek look. Not long finished, they are already noticing the new Supalite roof is regulating the temperature so much better, making the space comfortable and usable no matter the weather.
Showcase 5 years ago
Can't decide between an orangery and conservatory?
If you cannot decide between an orangery and conservatory because you love the light a conservatory lets in but also want the look of an orangery, consider Ultraframe's LivinRoom system. The cornice detail to the guttering along with the pelmet ceiling are really what differentiates the LivinRoom system from Ultraframe's classic glass roof. The system is flexible with the right combination of brickwork and glazing, LivinRoom can transition from a traditional to modern look very easily. The pelmet ceiling is finished with plaster and is suitable for LED spot lights. The UPVC based system is available is a wide range of colours including anthracite grey as shown.
Showcase 5 years ago
What a difference new frames and a roof can make!
The roof has been changed from old discoloured Polycarbonate to a much more energy efficient tiled effect roof with Tapco slate effect tiles in the colour plum. The new Liniar white UPVC frames blend in with the existing windows on the house, it is such an improvement on the old Rosewood timber frames. Not only will the conservatory feel like a room because of the new roof but it will be so much brighter!
Showcase 5 years ago
What is an Orangery?
For a more substantial single story extension, instead of a conservatory why not consider an orangery? An orangery will feel more like an integral part of your home, the combination of a flat roof with EDPM covering and roof lantern creates a flat perimeter ceiling which will echo those found in your home. The roof lantern along with the windows and doors can be UPVC or aluminium and are available in a range of colours that vary from traditional to modern and quirky. Due to the excellent thermal value of the Supalite & Leka roof systems, you are even able to have an orangery open to the house, which can allow for amazing open plan living! Homeview can manage the project for you right through from designing the extension to coordinating the tradesmen.
Showcase 5 years ago
Ultraframe LivinRoof
The Ultraframe LivinRoof system is a unique solid roof system. When used on a period property such as Victorian or Edwardian, this roof from afar can give the impression of a traditional rolled lead roof but when used on a more modern property the clean lines and striking Anthracite grey exterior really creates a statement design. The exterior of the LivinRoof system is anthracite grey with a cornice detail available in a variety of colours to match your guttering The system has a vaulted plastered ceiling with pelmet and ridge detailing which allows space for pendant lighting or LED spotlights.
Showcase 5 years ago
Supalite roof replacement
A great use of tiled systems such as Supalite is to re-vamp your existing conservatory. For the most part the window frames and doors are in perfect condition, but as with this roof the polycarbonate can become discoloured and brittle over time. Although the aesthetic appearance is a key reason why many update their conservatory, systems like Supalite are so popular because of the high amounts of insulation used, meaning the temperature is much better regulated year round. To revitalise this conservatory Homeview removed the roof and in it's place installed a Supalite tiled effect roof finished with Extralight tiles in Charcoal on to the existing window and door frames. The effect is night and day, before the conservatory before looked tired and dated, now it is clean and modern, creating an inviting space for the homeowner to enjoy for many more years.
Showcase 5 years ago
SkyVista glass panels - available with Supalite tiled roofs
An optional add on for the Supalite tiled roof system, SkyVista allows the homeowner to still have a certain amount of natural light through the roof of the conservatory. SkyVista are fixed glass panels with self-cleaning and solar coats exactly the same as those found as standard on glass conservatory roofs.
Showcase 5 years ago
A sympathetic replacement
Our customer loved the look of their exciting timber framed conservatory with glass roof and wanted to retain the character, however the timber frames had deteriorated over the years and the glass roof was just not efficient enough for year round use. The answer was to replaced the frames with white woodgrain UPVC in a similar style to the original windows so that they would blend in with the house and for the roof we used a Supalite tiled system. As our customers wanted to make the conservatory usable year round in order to extend the habitable living space, a tiled roof system was the ideal solution. Achieving a U-value of 0.18 a tiled roof system has a much lower U-value then glass or polycarbonate systems can ever achieve, this means the temperature is much better regulated and requires a lot less effort to heat comfortably. All that is left is for the homeowner to re-decorate the freshly plastered vaulted ceiling and enjoy.
April 2024
Homeview originally provided our Conservatory back in 2006. This year, we decided to replace the glass roof and have Bifold Doors fitted so the room could be used all year round. Homeview were very easy to deal with from needs analysis to quotation to refit execution. Good communication maintained throughout the process and a quality finish. Very happy with all aspects of the engagement and would happily recommend to anyone else considering work of this type.

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