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August 2017
From the moment the sales representative, Tanya Malin, walked in we were impressed with the company and the product they were selling-a solid roof for our leaking conservatory. The professionalism didn't stop there. The roof was installed at the time of our choosing to a very high standard by the two joiners in three days. They were hard working, very pleasant and considerate. The plastering was of a high standard and within two weeks we had a beautiful new four seasons room to enjoy whether the weather was blazing hot or not. The couple of snags were quickly sorted out by Graham to our satisfaction. The office staff contacted us daily to check that all was going well. We were so thrilled with our new Garden Room we were motivated to have two new patios immediately outside it laid, extending the area of enjoyment. Thank you Phil Coppell. We will be happy to recommend your firm.

Company Response

Dear Mr and Mrs Fulton. Thank you for sending in a review. I am always pleased to hear good things about my team and the resulting work. Sounds like you have a fabulous conservatory now with your extra patio space. I hope you have lots of enjoyment from it. Best wishes Phil Coppell, Group Chairman

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