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February 2018
I would like to thank everyone at PCL for a fabulous job. What a difference a solid roof has made to our lives! My husband and I were really not sure whether to improve our current conservatory and stay put or move home. We looked at various options. We really like the location and our home and of course our great neighbours but didn't want too much added expense. We weighed it all up and decided it was far more economical to change the dirty polycarbonate roof on our conservatory and have a solid tiled roof put onto it. It was a far smoother job than we thought and I tell you what it has made such a difference. We use our conservatory every day now and have knocked down the wall from the living room to give us more space. Airy yet still warm. Great job from start to finish....and we will be staying put now!

Company Response

Thanks Mrs Hardman. Your review is most appreciated. Best wishes Phil Coppell

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