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February 2019
My first contact with Universal windows was good. They were quick to come out & measure up and issue me with a quote, Initially for window replacement throughout the house and a new front door. I arranged to have the front door fitted first separately with a view to having the windows replaced at a later date. The fitter turned up on time on Friday (7/12/18) and fitted the new front door. I noticed that the door was slightly stiff and had some resistance when opening and closing which I mentioned to the fitter and was told that’s the way you want it so there is no draughts. Shortly after this I emailed asking for the door to be adjusted as it still didn’t feel correct opening and closing the door due to the resistance. I received a response the same day and a time and date was arrange for the fitter to re-visit. Shortly after this I noticed that the door was leaking internally so I emailed again complaining (7/1/19) Again I received a reply the same day explaining that they what the issue was and that the cassettes in the door needed re-sealing. We arranged for the fitter to re-visit on the Thursday to rectify the work. Thursday (24/1/19) the fitter visited to inspect the door. He informed me that he had never ever seen a door leak so much especially with all the water accumulating at the bottom. He arranged to come back the next day (Friday between 9:30 and 10 to re-seal the cassettes. Friday (25/1/19) No one-one visited as arranged to rectify the faults with the door. I phoned the office to speak to the person who was dealing with my issues. Unfortunately she was engaged during a call so the person I spoke to said they would speak to her once she had finished and she would call me back in five minutes. I waited and waited but no one called me back. I rang the office back later on in the afternoon to find out that they were now closed. I left a voicemail with my details/issues. The following Monday (28/1/19) I had still heard nothing back so I called the office yet again. I was told that the person dealing with my issues (Michelle) was not in today but he would leave a message for her and she would call me straight back in the morning. By Tuesday afternoon I had still not received any phone call back so I drove down to the office to make a complaint. Michelle was present and insisted that she had not received any messages or voicemail and thought that the door was sorted by the fitter on the previous Thursday. It was arranged for the fitter to re-visit again on the Friday (1/2/19) Friday (1/2/19) the fitters visited and took out the door cassettes and re-sealed them, at the same time re-sealing the outside of the door for a second time. I was told we would have to leave it and see how it goes. Friday (15/2/19) I noticed that there were still issues, so I had an ex professional door fitter come out and give me a second opinion on the door. The issues were quickly pointed out to me. The door/frame is not sitting flush, either the frame/door is warped or not fitted correctly-explaining why the door does not open or close correctly and is in turn damaging the weather strip due to the excessive force applied against it. Gaps in the sealant below the threshold strip which explains the draught coming through the bottom of the door. Also water still accumulating at the bottom of the door. All of these issues were emailed to Universal Windows office on Monday (18/2/19) along with photographs and detailed descriptions of the faults. I have complained and asked to be contacted back to arrange a suitable time for a member of management to come and view the faults and arrange a time for the issues to be rectified. 10 days later and I have still not had a response. This is completely unacceptable. It has now been over two months since the door was fitted and the faults have still not been rectified. I have a door which does not open and close correctly, It leaks internally with water accumulating at the bottom of the door which in turn is causing my carpet to get wet and causing damp/mould on the wall and I still have a draft coming in at the bottom of the door. It now seems I am being ignored by the company!

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