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Having had my conservatory finished in June 2013, we had problems with water getting into the two skins of 1 of the roof panels. Glad to say this was replaced, and no more problems other than being unable to secure the all important electrical certificate from your sub contractor. Which I still have not been able to acquire In August 2014 I noticed that we had water standing in between the two skins of the conservatory of not but 2 roof panels. I was not unduly worried, as we had been given an insurance certificate before the conservatory was built, should there be any problems. Once the conservatory was completed I duly filled in the certificate and posted it off to the insurance company. When I informed the company I wish to make a claim the first problem was my filled certificate had not arrived at their office. No problem I had a copy and had written the date it when it was posted. But I was not Insured, as none of the paper work that Mr Paul Jones had given me had Guaranteed the work done! I have phoned the office of YHIC to get a piece of paper to guarantee their component eg: roof panel on 4 occasions so far and Mr Paul Jones does not seem to want to answer my calls, even though I have left messages with the you lady answering the phones. Mr Jones knows I am disabled and my husband is 83 and all we want to do is enjoy our conservatory!!! This is a company that does not have any after care for its customers.

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