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Gardinia (West Wales) Ltd

4.9/5 Stars - 150 reviews

01834 860849
Spring Gardens Narberth Pembrokeshire
146 Positive Reviews
4 Negative Reviews
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About Gardinia (West Wales) Ltd

May 2017
Cowboys at Gardinia Windows (Wild West Wales) sold my elderly mum a leaky door, claimed it's designed to leak, then refused to replace it. Door's been leaking like fuck for 2 years, all Cowboys at Gardinia Windows (Wild West Wales) do is give mum loads-a-guff & slug her tea. Finally, when i showed Gardinia Windows Cowboys (Wild West Wales) the fuckin great holes, they jus squizzed some silicon in a few gaps. Now we've got a silicon stippled soddin sieve: my mum wants a solid new door not a big bloody gardinia windows bodge. Your customer-service is appalling. You've arsed around for 2 years 'trying' to fix this door, and now I've had to investigate this matter personally and point out to the fitter myself the bloody holes in the door, however, according to company procedure, you cannot replace my mother's defective door - because apparently it's all her own fault for choosing it in the first place - instead, your fitter has unethically pressurized my mother into accepting a temporary quick-fix, which no doubt illegitimately alters the original door-design and invalidates any official health-and-safety certification pertaining to the product. My mother doesn't want a bodged-up defective door: she wants a new non-defective door in a different non-defective design.

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