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April 2018
Thank you very much for the fabulous job PCL has done on my conservatory (re-shape footprint and fix solid roof and bifolds) and for your patience with the last few remaining elements due to work required in the associated area; this has been very much appreciated. I have no reservation at all in recommending your company - it has been a very positive experience and in total contrast to the last significant build work project I had! Lee Michael is a very genuine, straight talking, courteous, hard working and reliable individual and is, quite frankly, one of the key factors when making my decision several months ago. You may be aware that I selected PCL out of 6 other companies I met with, and Lee stood out for his approach even at that early stage. Nothing is too much trouble for him and his tenacity is legendary, whilst totally respecting the customer's need to go away and think about things. He is a great asset to PCL and projects a great image for you. The workmen that have been at my property (Oliver, Steve, Phil- there may be others I’m not aware of as I was at work for most of the build) have all been a pleasure to have around and each of them have represented PCL in a very good light. They cleared away waste and swept and tidied up at the end of each day - very neat and considerate and took into account that whilst they are used to working in a building site, this can be quite stressful for the home owner. Thanks again for my lovely new build!

Company Response

Dear Mrs Matthews, Thank you for your kind review. I am delighted that you have enjoyed your experience with us and I wish you many years of pleasure using your orangery. Best wishes Phil Coppell.

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